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North Gaffey Road Closure Update - Clearwater Project

Updated: Jan 16

The Sanitation Department plans on closing Gaffey Street between Anaheim Street and Westmont Drive (north of Home Depot) on Saturdays and Sundays from 7 am to 7 pm for 5 weeks. Closure is estimated to start the weekend of January 23rd. They will let us know if this date changes. Local access will still be provided.

Also, the engineering supervisor (Russ Vakharia) overseeing the construction of the Clearwater Project will be providing an update to the public on Saturday, January 30 @ 9:30 am via Zoom (Meeting ID 845 0098 5681 (link). Your council members are welcome to attend. Please let others know. We will be mailing a postcard promoting the virtual presentation to communities along the tunnel alignment. The meeting notice will also be posted on social media. View PDF file

View the PDF from the October 2020 Update

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