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So Cal Gas Rate Increase Info and Climate Rebate Info

Market conditions caused natural gas rates to increase 128% since December.

From the So Cal Gas Newsroom: "There’s no easy way to put this: January bills are likely to be shockingly high. An unprecedented cold snap across the nation in part has caused natural gas market prices in the West to more than double between December and January – to the tune of 128% since December.
As a result, our customers can expect to see higher gas bills in the coming weeks.
While we don’t set these prices (they’re set by regional and national markets), nor does SoCalGas actually profit from rising prices, we want our customers to know that we understand that this may be a shock and a hardship for some. " READ MORE

SoCalGas Triples Contribution to Gas Assistance Fund to Help Customers Impacted by Historically High Natural Gas Prices


CPUC Accelerates Climate Credit To Provide Utility Bill Support to Customers

February 02, 2023 -

The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) today accelerated the timeframe in which residential energy customers will receive a Climate Credit on their bills in order to provide much needed support to customers experiencing unusually high natural gas bills this winter. READ MORE

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