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Business Meeting

NWSPNC Committees and Liaisons

Northwest San Pedro Neighborhood Council Committees


Budget and Finance:  Meets 1st Wednesday of the month

CHAIR: Melanie Labrecque

MEMBERS: John Barbera, Vic Christensen


By Laws and Elections:  Meets as needed

CHAIR: Ray Regalado

MEMBERS: Diana Nave, Gwen Henry, Craig Goldfarb, Cynthia Gonyea, John Barbera

Community Issues:  Meets 4th Tuesday of each month

CO-CHAIRS: John Barbera and Dan Dixon

MEMBERS:  Chuck Hart, John DiMeglio, Victor Christensen, Cynthia Gonyea, Cole Arreola-Karr.

Planning and Land Use:  Meets 2nd Wednesday of the month
CO-CHAIRS: Diana Nave and Jason Herring
MEMBERS: Chuck Hart, Linda Alexander, Pat Nave, Rock Ashfield, Craig Goldfarb, Dan Dixon

Note:  The Joint Planning and Land Use Meetings held with Coastal and Central NC’s are held the 4th Wednesday of the month

Public Safety:   Meets 4th Thursday of the month

CHAIR: Melanie Labrecque

MEMBERS:  John Barbera, Kelly Miller

Port/Environment and Sustainability:   Meets the Third Tuesday of each month at 6:30 p.m.

CHAIR: Thomas Norman
CO-CHAIR:  Gwen Henry

MEMBERS:  Craig Goldfarb, Cynthia Gonyea, Jason Herring, Pat Nave, Ben Norman, Peter Rothe, David Samperio

Youth and Outreach: Meets 4th Monday of the month
CHAIR: Chris Valle
CO-CHAIR:  John Barbera
MEMBERS:  Layla Aguilera, Kelly Miller, Thomas Norman, Ben Norman, Adam Stevensen, Angela Sumner,

Science Center Ad Hoc:

CHAIR:  Vic Christensen
MEMBERS:  John DiMeglio and Chris Valle


Peck Park Incident Community Forum Planning Committee (ad hoc):

Chair – Melanie Labrecque

Members – John Barbera, Dan Dixon, Angela Sumner, Chris Valle, Kelly Miller

Appointments of Liaisons


Waterfront Connectivity Plan Liaisons – Pat Nave, Jason Herring

Homelessness Liaison – Laurie Jacobs

Animal Shelter Liaison – Vacant

LA Film Liaison – Cynthia Gonyea

NC Sustainability Alliance Liaison – Gwen Henry

Data Liaisons – Gwen Henry, Vic Christensen


Appointments of Other Positions


Legal Representatives – Ray Regalado Alternates – Chris Valle, Vic Christensen

HANC – Melanie Labrecque Alternate – Ray Regalado

CPAB – Melanie Labrecque Alternate – Craig Goldfarb

Budget Representative – Melanie Labrecque Alternate – Craig Goldfarb

Zoom Administrator – Vic Christensen

Grievance Panel Representative, Region 12 – Melanie Labrecque

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