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Northwest San Pedro Neighborhood Council (NWSPNC)

Neighborhood Purpose Grant (NPG) Application Process

2023-2024 Distribution



  • Benefit the Northwest San Pedro community.

  • Applicants must be a 501c3 non-profit or a public school.

  • Deadline: Applications must be postmarked no later February 16, 2024 @11:59 PM. (if mailed) and received no later than February 29, 2024@ 11:59 PM (if emailed). The decisions will be announced at the NWSPNC board meeting on March 11, 2024.

Application Process

  1. Individuals/Organizations interested in applying for these funds should review the above-stated requirements to determine if your proposal meets them.

  2. Prepare a brief proposal (2 to 3 pages) providing the following information:

    • Name and contact information of person submitting proposal (Must be signed and filled out by 501c3 Officers). Include phone number, email address and physical address

    • Describe the project to be considered, where it will take place and how will it benefit the Northwest San Pedro community.

    • What is the time frame? When the Project begins, and ends must be stated on application. Those dates need to be listed to start and end by June 30, 2024.

    • Provide a detailed budget – the total amount requested and a breakdown of what the funds will be used for (be as specific as possible). Are there other funds needed to complete the project? If so, where will you get them?

  3. Obtain a cover letter on sponsoring organization’s letterhead with their Federal Tax Identification Number, contact name, business address, email address and phone number of the fiduciary officer to be responsible for receiving and administering the grant funds.

  4. Submit a formal Application for Neighborhood Purposes Grant including proof of 501c3 or Public-School status and Business Tax Registration Certificated (BRTC). Public Schools must have the school principal fill out and sign form. Those forms can be found online here.


Submit the application and cover letter by email to or by mail to:


Budget and Finance Committee, 638 S. Beacon Street, Box 688, San Pedro, CA 90731


Email questions to: Please include your phone number.


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