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Release of CHIP Ordinances and Revisions to Citywide Adaptive Reuse Ordinance

Dear Interested Parties,


Thank you for your helpful feedback on the core concepts of the Citywide Housing Incentive Program (CHIP), a key Housing Element Rezoning Program strategy. As a result of conversations and public feedback over the course of 2023, City Planning is excited to announce the release of four draft ordinances supporting the Housing Element Rezoning Program and to kick off the next phase of outreach. These ordinances include the:


  • Citywide Housing Incentive Program (CHIP) Ordinance

  • Housing Element Sites Ordinance

  • Resident Protections Ordinance

  • Citywide Adaptive Reuse Ordinance


More information on each of these ordinances can be found below as well as on City Planning’s website here.  


The CHIP Ordinance has three programs that encompass key CHIP strategies that would increase housing capacity along major streets in higher opportunity areas and in areas with access to public transit. The programs also encourage affordable housing development citywide on underutilized properties owned by faith-based organizations, parking lots and publicly owned sites (see Fact Sheet). The three programs include the:


  • State Density Bonus Program, which proposes technical revisions to clarify procedures and to affirm consistency with State Density Bonus Law;


  • Mixed Income Incentive Program, which seeks to establish tailored incentives for mixed-income housing providing deed-restricted affordable housing units in priority areas, including along and nearby major corridors located in higher opportunity areas; and embed enhanced transit-based incentives into the Los Angeles Municipal Code; and 


  • Affordable Housing Incentive Program, which offers incentives for 100% affordable housing projects, with added bonuses in Higher and Moderate Resource areas, and tailored citywide incentives for sites owned by faith-based organizations, public land, and parking-zoned areas.


In addition to the CHIP Ordinance, the Department is also releasing three ordinances intended to codify important resident protections for housing demolished as part of new housing developments; to comply with state housing element law; and to expand adaptive reuse incentives. These include the:


  • Resident Protections Ordinance, which aims to enhance and build upon current regulations concerning tenant protections, affordability term durations, and the size, location and amenities for affordable housing units. The Ordinance would apply to all development projects that include affordable housing or result in the demolition of housing (see Fact Sheet). 


  • Housing Element Sites Ordinance, which aims to implement various state housing element law requirements that apply to three different categories of sites identified throughout the housing element process (see Fact Sheet)

  • Citywide Adaptive Reuse Ordinance, previously released in May 2023, which has been updated to address feedback received during the initial outreach phase and to expand incentives for adaptive reuse projects providing affordable housing. Links to the most up to date Draft Ordinance and Fact Sheet can be found here.


You can learn more about each of these ordinances by reviewing the Fact Sheets and additional draft materials on City Planning’s website here. Additionally, we invite you to attend one of our upcoming webinars to learn more and share your feedback on the CHIP Ordinance, the Housing Element Sites Ordinance, and the Resident Protections Ordinance. Please click the date and time below to register. Note that the content of all three webinars will be the same. 

Tuesday, April 2, 2024 (English)

Wednesday, April 3, 2024 (Spanish)

Tuesday, April 9, 2024 (English)

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