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Mission Statement: The Christensen Center promotes responsible and appropriate use of plants, animals, and water through education and demonstration and provides a school and community resource for learners of all ages, knowledge levels, and abilities.

History of the Science Center:  


Description:  The importance of providing a demonstration site for students and teachers regarding urban agricultural opportunities is to stimulate an understanding of sustainable practices related to food production. Students will be engaged in sustainable urban oriented agricultural practices, and begin to understand the impact on the environment of unsustainable farming practices.


Secondary students will conduct soil analysis tests, learn about the condition of the soil and how the soil characteristics effect what can be grown in it. Students will learn about different types of composting and the impact of petrochemical fertilizers. Backyard and worm composting are demonstrated and discussed as a way to reduce trash that goes to the landfill while producing nutrient rich soil for gardening and landscaping.


The nursery will provide opportunities for students to learn about and participate in the propagation and care of plants that will be used in school gardens. The produce can also be a source of income. In the new building students will perform culinary arts activities related to preparing healthy meals from the food that is grown on the LAUSD Center for Sustainability. Engaging students in personal food preparation provided them the empowerment to cook what they eat instead of purchasing precooked and processed food items from stores.

The Christensen Science Center is located at 2201 Barrywood Avenue, San Pedro, CA 90731

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